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Insurance rated locks

(British Standard)
We are often asked about this subject by our customers. In the UK, insurance companies expect their customers to fit insurance-rated British standard locks.
Insurance-rated locks are specially designed and evaluated to meet the security standards outlined by the UK Government. These locks provide a high-security solution to users. BS3621 locks are the insurance-rated locks and there are three distinct types of BS3621 locks, which are:
BS3621 Sash-Locks:
these are common and popular door locks. They have a handle-operated latch and a key-operated deadbolt. This type of lock enables you to keep your door closed using the latch without deadlocking the door.

Although this lock offers a high-security locking solution, it also gives convenience when you do not want to repeatedly lock and unlock your door, especially when you are entering and exiting frequently. You can deadlock the door using the key when you need to maintain the security of your home.

BS3621 Dead-Locks:
BS3621 Dead-Lock does not come with a handle operated latch and offers a full lock to your door. It is suitable for doors with an existing latch or doors that must always be kept securely locked. BS3621 Dead-Locks are commonly used together with rim night latches or Yale Locks for a stronger security level.
BS3621 Rim Locks:
these come with a bit different form of door lock. Rather than being morticed into the door, BS3621 Rim Locks are mounted on the inside surface of the door – they are side-mounted locks. If you are inside the room, you just close the door, and the door is securely locked on you. However, it requires you to unlock it with a key when you are outside and entering the room. Do not try to lock yourself out without your key.

BS3621 Rim Locks are fast and convenient, which makes them a popular choice to always keep your doors securely locked. There is also a “latch snib” that functions as a hold-back for the latch to keep the door unlatched and unlocked.

Key Facts about BS locks

Here are some main facts about BS locks:

  • Usually found in timber or wooden doors in domestic properties.
  • Operated with a key – which means the key is used to lock and unlock the door.
  • Can be identified with the standard number and kite symbol on the inner side of the lock

Benefits of BS locks

The key benefits of using British Standard BS3621 locks are:

  • These locks are evaluated heavily against major burglary approaches such as lock picking and lock drilling
  • Approved by insurers – BS3621 locks complies to all main insurance policy conditions
  • Offer extra safety and security

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