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Keyless Locks

There are different models of keyless locks and depending on their models, they can be fitted on different doors, which include external doors, aluminium and glass doors, timber and wood doors, UPVC doors, and so on.

Different models also offer various levels of security. However, a strong digital door lock is durable and can withstand the most violent attacks irrespective of where it is installed.

Keyless locks can be used in:



Business premises

Surelock Homes in Hastings has been supplying and installing an alternative range of keyless locks for a period of months now. In partnership with leading supplier Borg Locks we can deliver the best solution for your specific requirements.

The most obvious benefit of a keyless lock is that there is no need for a key to enter or exit. If you know the code and enter it correctly on the digital keypad, then your lock will function. It is great if there are several people who might need a key to gain access as you will not need to worry about lost keys, or them falling into the wrong hands!

At Surelock Homes we also understand the importance of a key override for your lock, and that is why offer a key override on twenty-one of our best-selling Borg locks.

We can supply and fit keyless locks for every situation:


Cabinet locks




Marine Grade


Commercial use


External use, including wooden garden gates


Metal gates

Our experienced teams at Surelock Homes locksmith Hastings are here to help you choose the most suitable lock for your needs and situation.

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